How to Get Legendary Fish and Fishing Rod in Fishing Clash?

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, playing Fishing Clash is one of the simplest ways to do so. Most of us think that catching a fish should be an easy job as we just have to cast our rod, sit back, and wait for the fish to catch the bait. Well, this is the principal way to do so, but Fishing Clash requires a little more “interaction”. Plus, there are some features that let a gamer catch the rarest legendary fishes.

 In any case, you will need some guidance to become a better fisherman and this will be our purpose in this guide. As a gamer, you must learn to fish up the largest fish without breaking the combos by utilizing different lures and cards. In this article, we will let you know about some tricks which will help you to have a better idea of what it takes to be a master angler.

Change Your Lure and finish Daily Quests

Each day, you get a special quest to catch a selected sort of fish – if you manage to try that, you’re awarded precious card packs. However, so as to try to do this, you want to equip the right lure: Otherwise, you’ll never catch that specific fish type you’re trying to find. First, check the daily quest and learn which sort of fish is required.

And after completing the daily task, don’t forget to say your card pack: this is often the best method of getting new sorts of lures. Note that you simply can also need to upgrade your rod so as to satisfy the load requirement.

Try Fishing Clash Cheat option

As we know Fishing Clash is quite a popular game and it has premium options as well where players can get better tools by spending money. But as a player, we all like to make business and game life separate. It’ll be a wise decision to look out for a cheat option that can meet your desire. You can try our fishing clash cheats tool. You can have better rods in your collection which can help you to catch a legendary fish instantly. 

Upgrade Your Lures Too

If you can’t meet the load requirement by upgrading your rod, there’s another way of doing this: Upgrading the lure. Each lure within the game is often upgraded, as long as you’ve got enough gold. This process also will increase your chances of catching rare fish. So, if you’re after a “legendary” fish, upgrading your rod won’t be enough: you want to upgrade its lure too.

Get New Hooks And Lures for free of charge 

There are a few of the ways of getting new hooks and lures free of charge. Let’s start with the “social” part: If you join a guild, you’ll invite new lures (and common packs) from guild members. This may be a really good method, especially if you’re trying to find a selected sort of lure and can’t find it anywhere. However, most of those guilds will only accept “pro” fishermen, so apply to the guilds with low prestige points, a minimum of within the beginning.

How You Can Get Legendary Lures?

Legendary fish is the rarest fish in Fishing Clash, even rarer than mythical. To catch them you’ll need legendary lures, which may be found in any in-game pack with a, particularly low chance. Each fishery holds just one legendary fish. Upgrading a lure to legendary rarity is going to be very expensive and, since there’s just one specific legendary fish per fishery, you’ll have to upgrade one lure for that specific fishery for the prospect to catch the legendary fish you’re after. Luckily, selling the lure after will yield tons of coins, enough to urge started on your next legendary lure.

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